Solid MMVB

Mutual Investment Fund- Solid MMVB
Share cost
Date January 18, 2021 January 15, 2021
Share 422 864,35 ₽ (+0,43%) 421 048,75 ₽
Assets 96 984 196,15 ₽ (0,00%) 96 988 837,50 ₽
Fund strategy

Investment strategy: passive strategy of management. The portfolio includes stocks which are part of MICEX index, i.e. the most popular stocks selected by the market.


  • passive strategy of management excludes human factor at investment decision making
  • participation in Russian stock market dynamic
  • Minimal deviation from MICEX index
  • Can be exchanged for open end mutual fund shares “FDI Solid”
  • Low entry barriers (initial investment at 10000 RUR, additional investments – 1000 RUR)

JSC “SOLID Management”
Address: 32A Khoroshyovskoe Shosse, floor 2, entrance XIII, room 92, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125284
Phones: +7 (800) 250-70-15, +7 (495) 228-70-15

JSC “SOLID Management”, License FSFR Russia 21-000-1-00035 dated 27.12.1999 for conducting business in managing investment funds, mutual investment fund and non-government pension funds. License of professional participant of securities market for conducting business in managing securities, issued by FSFR Russia 13.11.2008 № 045-11768-001000.

Please, consider that price of investment shares may increase and decrease, the results of investing in the past do not define results in future, government does not guarantee the interest of investments in mutual funds. Before you acquire investment share, you should properly study the terms. The terms of trust management imply extra charge and discount to imputed value of investment shares at selling. Extra charge and discount decrease the yield of investing in mutual fund.

For additional information about JSC “SOLID Management” contact 32A Khoroshyovskoe Shosse, floor 2, entrance XIII, room 92, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125284, phone +7 495 228-70-15 or our agents. Asset management rules for open-end mutual investment fund “Long term investments Solid” (Solid - Russian bonds) registered by FSFR Russia dated 27.04.2002 № 0065-58549452. Asset management rules for open-end mutual investment fund “Solid - Invest” (FDI Solid) registered by FSFR Russia dated 20.04.2005 № 0351-76578546

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