Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) for Assets Securitization

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) for Assets Securitization

Securitization – action that assist to unlock toxic and complicated securities.

The main criteria for securitization is presence of stable and constant yield inflow

This service can be used as locally so with trans board assets. Typical requirement for securitization comes from banks and other financial institutions. It helps to improve payable balance and decries pressure to paid up capital.

According to Russian financial law, in order to provide such service, company should be accredited with Central Bank.

JSC “SOLID Management” was accredited with Russian Central Bank in 2015

JSC “SOLID Management” securitization team consists of professional and long experienced asset managers, accountants and legal advisers that specializing in securitization in particular.

Russian market securitization market uses two form of entities SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) and SPVfPF (Special Purpose Vehicle for Projected Financing), first one used primarily with financial institutions and trading companies, second is used for investing in particular financial project). Main issue with SPVPF is plan and subsequence of action and procedures when instead of direct financing, participant allocate with SPVPF collaterals that generate inflow.

All incomes that generated by SPVfPF are not subject for taxation.

Main agenda of SPVfPF should be creation of new form of assets.

SPVfPF can use IPO of bonds at some stage.

Another financial product that can be used together with SPV and SPVfPF is CEMF (closed end mutual fund)

They are two categories for CEMF, for qualified and non-qualified investors. Shares of the fund can be sold to big variety of potential investors.

CEMF are used in different type of projects:

  • related to real estate;
  • private equity;
  • multy strategy;
  • stock market securities.

Across our experience we collaborate and cooperate with different type of high rank financial partners, evaluators, auditors and legal advisers. We had chance to share our expertise with leading Russian banks and companies.

As company accredited with Russian Central Bank at the area of securitization, we are able to provide following services:

  • SPV and SPVfPF launching process
  • Full specter of Asset management company services
  • Spare co – management company
  • Accounting
  • Information release services

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License FSFR Russia 21-000-1-00035 dated 27.12.1999 for conducting business in managing investment funds, mutual investment fund and non-government pension funds. License of professional participant of securities market for conducting business in managing securities, issued by FSFR Russia 13.11.2008 № 045-11768-001000.

Please, consider that price of investment shares may increase and decrease, the results of investing in the past do not define results in future, government does not guarantee the interest of investments in mutual funds. Before you acquire investment share, you should properly study the terms. The terms of trust management imply extra charge and discount to imputed value of investment shares at selling. Extra charge and discount decrease the yield of investing in mutual fund.

For additional information about JSC “SOLID Management” contact 32A Khoroshyovskoe Shosse, floor 2, entrance XIII, room 92, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125284, phone +7 495 228-70-15 or our agents. Asset management rules for open-end mutual investment fund “Long term investments Solid” (Solid - Russian bonds) registered by FSFR Russia dated 27.04.2002 № 0065-58549452. Asset management rules for open-end mutual investment fund “Solid - Invest” (FDI Solid) registered by FSFR Russia dated 20.04.2005 № 0351-76578546

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